AdvantageRPO by Employee Solve

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by Employee Solve

In most cases, HR’s corporate responsibility to deliver talent to its internal customers is not matched by the necessary investment of additional personnel and systems needed to hold pace with the demand. In an attempt to address these challenges, HR Managers have resorted to traditional third-party suppliers arrangements – but this approach has proven to be clumsy, ineffective and costly – this results in:

Advantage RPO Template

In response to this, we’ve created AdvantageRPO to address TA needs for growing organizations. This is a variable-cost model for your continuous recruiting needs that breaks away from the traditional, high-cost “head-hunter” arrangements. It’s designed to integrate with your company’s internal workflow, facilitate job postings, incorporate applicant tracking capability and reduce cost.

AdvantageRPO accomplishes the following:

  • Optimizes your HR work-flow
  • Infuses technology systems and processes
  • Builds candidate inventory
  • Produces reports for management use
  • Reduces cost

It’s well suited for any small or mid-sized employer with a lead HR staff, or any large employer experiencing “requisition overload”.

What’s the cost?  You’d be surprised. It’s much less than our competitors who promote out-dated, over priced fee arrangements – contact us to talk about it.


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