A Business Case for Diversity

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Corporate America’s embracing of the rapid shifting of demographics and economic opportunities provides a compelling business case for supplier diversity initiatives. In the automotive and manufacturing environment that we live in today, purchasing awards are based on metrics that include: pricing, quality, customer service, technology and now “diverse supplier content”.

It certainly is a highly complex world out there and it is crowded with sophisticated competitors, which makes it difficult to stay ahead in the market. For any supplier, be it Tier1, 2 or 3, it’s painful to lose business, whether it be due to uncompetitive pricing, quality, service or the like.   The last thing you want to experience is a drag on your supplier score card for not meeting your customer’s expectations for supplier diversity – therefore, implementing a strategy would be a logical and prudent choice.


The Opportunity

The opportunity present is to identify diverse suppliers with the capabilities to meet or exceed your expectations—in other words, to develop a good supplier partnership that happens to be diverse. Incorporating supplier diversity as a core business strategy is an innovative and a necessary element to successfully address your customer’s shifting requirements.

Is your corporation ready to make the commitment?


Employee Solve – A Great Fit!

ESI offers the following:

  • Non-Invasive Solutions – Our value-added services have a low risk of change: you do not create complexity or disruption in the flow of your operations like a change in a critical vendor, such as a parts supplier, shipping vendor, or by leasing your employees through a PEO.
  • Potential for High MBE Spend Volume – In many cases, the majority your current health care premiums can be converted to MBE Spend through Optimum Benefits Management. Note that this does not require you to change any of your current carriers to do so: BCBS, HAP, Cofinity, Delta Dental, etc.
  • Ideal for Professional Service Companies – Our services are an excellent strategy for service organizations and “in-direct” suppliers – Staffing, Professional Services, IT and the like.

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